Made To Measure

Did you ever want to try custom clothing but found it a little daunting?

Made-to-measure is just another name for semi-custom.  MTM is a way to get into custom clothing, but at a fraction of the price.  With MTM you get to select from 400 fabrics and basic styling like single or double breasted jackets, the quantity of front buttons and pants with plain or pleated fronts.  The suit is then custom-made to the customer’s measurements, the same as any other custom suit.

How is it different to Full Custom?  With full custom you get to select from over 4000 fabrics. You can select any style jackets, pants and vests you desire. Additional choices are lapel styles, sizes, widths as well as button types, fancy linings and even shoulder types and pocket styles.  Lastly the depth of armholes can be chosen to create the perfect fit.

Bespoke Custom

Clothing that is bespoke is at the absolute pinnacle of custom clothing.  It has all the benefits of a standard custom made suit but with a couple of big additions.  With a bespoke suit an individual pattern is made for the client.  Then, multiple raw or try-on fittings are created and tried on by the customer at the various stages of make.  The garments are entirely made by hand and take at least 40 hours to complete.  It is a level of workmanship that few will have the opportunity to have made in their lifetime.  Bespoke prices are at the highest end of the custom clothing experience.  It is typically made for only the most difficult to fit or the most discriminating of clients.


Are you hard to fit?  Do you appreciate the finer things in life?  Do you want to be the best dressed person in the room?

At ONE, we take the opportunity to work with you as a privilege.  Let us guide you through the amazing process of being fitted for a custom made garment.  From fabric selection that fits your lifestyle to designing the proper fit of your garment, no detail is overlooked.  The selection of linings, buttons and color of hand stitching are some of the finer points of having a custom garment made.  The style for each piece will be selected to fit your body, as well as, your personality.  Whether you need an American cut, a slimming British cut, or a soft Italian silhouette, we have the style that fits.

All our custom made garments are individually hand cut to provide exacting standards in fit and accuracy.  Each client has his measurements taken by Mr. Vincent DiGiorgio.  With over 30 of experience in the tailoring industry he takes his time in creating body of measurements that the tailors transform into a three dimensional work of art.  Each garment we create is different from the next making every garment uniquely yours.

Custom Shirts

A shirt is a shirt, right ?

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Custom shirts are an accessible luxury that just about anyone can afford.

With over 4000 fabrics to choose from and an endless possibility of styling options why would you ever buy store bought shirts again?  Each shirt is custom made from a flat piece of cloth and is created around your particular measurements.  From straight to spread collars and from barrel to French cuffs the styling options are almost endless.

From silky Swiss Island cottons to broadcloth and oxfords, there is a fabric that is sure to fit every clients personal likes and needs.

Custom Pants

Do your pants fit the way you like? Legs too baggy, crotch too long or short?

An improper fitting pair of pants can make for a long day.  Unfortunately many men are constantly pulling their pants up and re-tucking in their shirts all day long.  There is no need to suffer with this if you simply have your pants custom made for you.  We take 15 measurements to ensure a perfect fit.  With hundreds of beautiful fabrics and styles to pick from, the possibility for great fitting pants is endless.