Looking the part:

Distinguish yourself from all the others by taking the time and attention to build a timeless professional wardrobe.   At One Custom Clothier, we have the experience and knowledge to help you represent yourself in the best possible light.

One size, does not fit all.

Let’s face it, none of us are the same size.  Most off the rack suits are made on a standard chart of measurements.  If a $200 standard rack jacket doesn’t fit you properly, chances are a $2000 jacket won’t fit any better.

That is why we have created 3 different cuts of suits.

An American cut which is fuller through the body and pants.  A British cut that is slimmer, with a tapered body, shorter jacket and Rise.  Last is the Italian cut with a very soft shoulder and a higher armhole and moderately tapered pants.  These 3 cuts fit the majority of people that we see on a daily basis.